About Direct Capital Investment

Direct Capital investment was a business built from the ground up, addressing a very sincere and genuine need in the market. In Early 2018, the fund management services were offered internationally. This was to achieve larger investor subscription and have a worldwide business in tandem with the changing cultures of the Twenty-first Century. As of late 2018, our monthly volume flow was approximately One Million USD ($1,000,000). These amounts are evergrowing. As of early 2019, the founder of Direct Capital Investment, David M Haruki, started promoting invention and innovation.
Until late 2018, the founding fund manager and active traders of Direct Capital Investment were operating under their own, including a variety of private funds. In early June 2019, Direct Capital Investment ceased multiple funds offerings to the public and started practicing under a single closed fund instead. Fund management services were still offered for public subscription, but were moved under a closed fund with a private company. This achieved more prudent fund management practices, and decreased commercialization by the various providers. In August 2019, the storehouse for trade history and client data of Direct Capital was moved to a cloud-based server operating from a private silo in London, in order to further serve the growing base of investors from around the farthest reaches of the world.
Before that move, though, in late 2018, there grew an overwhelming need to move the majority of operations online in order to take advantage of the Twenty-first Century’s full gamut of marketing tools in order to simplify, improve and expand our business.

Services :
* Cryptocurrency Trading.
* Forex and Stock Trading.


Direct Capital Investment - Uniting people and processes

Our full capabilities
Risk managers
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Client Centric

As we operate in a mature competitive environment, we like challenges. At Direct Capital Investment, we therefore focus our efforts on researching new investments, new promising sectors and new technologies.

True Professionals

The contribution of unlisted assets has enabled us to build a first-rate track record over the past twenty years. In a context of extremely low interest rates and volatile financial markets, this unlisted investment strategy is particularly relevant and has delivered solid, long-term performances for our clients.


We are also highly engaged in constantly improving the information we communicate to our clients, which must be concise, precise and accurate.